Quality Policy

3 de agosto de 2018

The Management of DALTON DYNAMICS CHEMITAC ESPAÑA S.L, assumes the function of Quality and has decided to establish, nurture & broaden the following Quality Policy.


  • Manage the organization in an efficient way through the use of innovative technology.
  • Invest in structures and equipments that would provide proportionally competitive cost and security.
  • It provides appropriate frame work based on organizations strategic goals change yearly with an undetermined time is considered as the key to growth, development & progress of the organization.


  • Strengthen the viability of the organization through a solid profit sales level concerning cost that guarantee profits.
  • For this, we must ensure sufficiently satisfactory high sales & exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Our employees, they are the heart of this visión through their proposals, efforts & commitments to the continuos improvement as well as investments.
  • It provides the adequate frame work to establish quality and strategic objectives through key performance indicators.



Our Team, DALTON DYNAMICS CHEMITAC ESPAÑA S.L, ensure to implement and apply our Quality Policy which is known at all levels of the organization for continous improvement.

Quality is considered as the result to proper administration, suppliers’ evaluation, marketing & sales, customer assistance and internal controls.

We ensure the fullfiment of the aplicable requirements as well as the continuous improvement of the quality management system policy in accordance of international quality standard ISO 9001: 2015.

We shall ensure the implementation of the continous improvement of the Quality Management System of DALTON DYNAMICS CHEMITAC ESPAÑA S.L, it’s essential the unconditional & continous support of all employees.  Everyone is responsible for the quality of their work and is committed to pursue the success of this Policy.

Agreda, 03 August 2018

José Ignacio Campos – Director General

José Ignacio Campos – Plant Manager